What can you do in order to create a target audience? How can you start to get people following your Twitter and spreading the word about your market and message? Here are some tips that can help you to get a Twitter following and expand it into an audience that gives you the upper hand and allows you to work toward monetization and other goals that you may have for your social media use.

Share your Twitter feed with those closest to you. Your friends, loved ones, and colleagues are an instant network that you can tap into. Tell them about your Twitter feed and share with them your goals and purposes behind it. Many times, these people will be incredibly supportive and can help you to expand your network by talking with their friends and loved ones. We’ve all got a natural, supportive network available to tap into; don’t feel guilty when you decide to pursue it and use it. Most likely, they will be willing and even eager to help you get followers and other resources.

Try Live Tweeting. Live tweeting is a relatively new phenomenon, but you can see why it would be useful for those who are looking to broaden their audience and keep them engaged. If your followers are interested in the industry you are in and you go to a conference or talk, go ahead and live tweet. Live tweeting can be a lot of fun and is very organic. Be tactful, but share your thoughts and provide information that you learn as you are learning it. Your followers will really enjoy it, and it can be a great way to get more followers as they retweet the things that you are sharing through live tweeting.